BodiHealth History


“Our mission is to promote wellness and optimum health for millions of people around the world by establishing the EPRT BodiHealth device as a recognized standard treatment in healthcare.”

Keith Wendell PhD, inventor of the Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT) technology, began his development on the concept of EPRT in 1986, and spent 10 years doing extensive research with many leading physicists, healers, and engineers in New Zealand, Germany, England, and the United States. It was in the United States in 1997 that he finally created his first working BodiHealth device with the intention of treating and regenerating spinal cord injured patients.

Keith’s early work in this area yielded unprecedented results, and it was while presenting a technical exhibit at the American Paraplegic Societies Annual Conference in September 1998 in Las Vegas, that he met Professor Bok Y. Lee, MD. Prof. Lee is a former Governor of the American College of Surgeons, and is a foremost specialist in the field of spinal cord injuries, specifically in the area of decubitus ulcers.

Prof. Lee was very impressed by the results he saw with the healing of a decubitus ulcer on the leg of one of Keith’s spinal cord injured patients. Following the conference Prof. Lee introduced Keith to the administrators at the Northeast Centre for Special Care, in New York State, where he assisted in setting up the first clinical study utilizing EPRT for the treatment of non-healing wounds. The results from this preliminary study produced five scientific poster abstract presentations, two peer reviewed journal articles, as well as the basis for a chapter in Dr. Lee’s book “The Wound Management Manual” (McGraw-Hill, 2005).

It was the results from this study that opened Keith up to the broader range of applications for the technology, as it confirmed his belief that healing and regeneration take place at the very core of the cellular structure. The BodiHealth was not just treating a condition; it was healing the entire person.

Keith has since gone on to utilize the BodiHealth in the treatment of sports injuries, diabetes, chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, and a wide range of other health conditions. The BodiHealth continues to serve as an effective health & wellness tool for health practitioners.