BodiHealth User Shares His Success on User Shares His Success on

We were pleasantly surprised on Monday morning when we received an email from Bruce Hamilton, a diabetic who has been using the BodiHealth every day for the past 3 months, with a link to his new blog The blog is a weekly journal detailing Bruce’s 20 year battle with his health and diabetes, and the steps he is now taking to regain his health non-invasively, and without the use of prescription drugs. His candor is both refreshing and relateable, as he recounts personal stories of his lifestyle that led to his downward health spiral and diabetes diagnosis. Bruce shares:

“I feel in order for you to understand where I am now, you have to understand from where I’ve come. This story starts 21 years ago embedded in a lifestyle of little discipline…

On the surface, everything seemed fine; I wasn’t to know that a storm was brewing, and over the next 3 years my very core would be tested to unbelievable limits; my marriage would dissolve, my career would collapse, and worst of all, my physical well-being would spiral out of control, sparking a crusade to rebuild myself and discover the truth of living well.”

Furthermore, following Bruce’s retelling of the people, places, and circumstances that contributed to his illness (you can read his full story here), he goes on to share his good fortune of meeting BodiHealth inventor, Dr. Keith Wendell, PhD, and the promising results he has experienced thus far with using the BodiHealth device:

“At the 2013 Nexus Conference of June 2013, I was introduced to Dr Keith Wendell, PhD by Dr Sherill Sellman.

After a very short conversation with Dr Wendell his accurate appraisal of my health condition without any prompting or insight struck me as nothing less than amazing. He quickly assessed that I was not only a diabetic, but was incorrectly prescribed insulin when diet and nutritional assistance would have turned things around. Instead I have been injecting 150 units per day of insulin into my body 3 times a day slowly poisoning my system and exacerbating my illness.

Over the next 3 months I began visiting Dr Wendell weekly and using daily a medical device that he invented called the EPRT BodiHealth Device, and I have seen some incredible improvements as a result of his work and the use of his machine. After the first two visits I had full feeling back in my calves and feet – this after 15 years of feeling like I had 3 pairs of football socks on at all times. My insulin has dropped to approx 35 units a day, and my energy levels are through the roof. In fact it’s the best I have felt in 20 years.”

Bruce’s results with the BodiHealth appear very promising, and we look forward to hearing more about his ongoing BodiHealth treatments as he updates his blog regularly.  Keep up the good work Bruce!