What is the BodiHealth Device and how does it work?

The multi-current BodiHealth device is a non-invasive, therapeutic device that delivers electric currents compatible with the naturally occurring electrical currents of the human body in such a way as to correct any imbalance that may be present. The device utilizes Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT), a patented process that produces a waveform which moves electrons through the body at a frequency and current output lower than any device presently on the market.

What are these “ultra-low currents?

The BodiHealth device delivers currents that range from 3 milli Amperes down to 100 nano Amperes. The 23 minute cycle is composed of 11.5 minutes one polarity, alternating to 11.5 minutes in the opposite direction, thus can be considered a long-term bipolar balanced waveform device.

What are the main uses and benefits of the BodiHealth device?

The BodiHealth’s approved indications for use are for temporary symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain and as an adjunctive treatment in the management of post surgical and post traumatic pain.

How is this device different from other electrical devices out there on the market?

The majority of other electrical devices on the market use currents that are much higher than the currents emitted by the BodiHealth device and have mainly a palliative effect on the body. The EPRT BodiHealth is non-invasive, patented device and has been clinically proven to dramatically speed up the healing and recovery processes in the body without the side effects of prescription drugs and costly surgeries. EPRT is one of the first technologies that functions as a bipolar electron generator, delivering ultra-low currents compatible with the naturally occurring electric currents in the human body, enabling healing and regeneration to occur at the cellular level.

How is this device different from just taking a nutritional supplement or eating foods high in Antioxidants?

Unlike nutritional and herbal antioxidants which depend on the digestive and circulatory systems for delivery, the EPRT BodiHealth overrides the physical pathways and delivers its affect directly to every tissue and cell of the body via the bio-electric template of the human energy system. It’s all about energy and how it is delivered to the body.

Does the BodiHealth use magnets?


Is the BodiHealth a T.E.N.S. device?

The BodiHealth was approved through the U.S. FDA 510(k) process as a substantially equivalent predicate to a T.E.N.S. device. That being stated, the substantial difference between the BodiHealth device and a standard TENS unit is in its frequency and its delivery of energy to the body at a cellular level.

Does the BodiHealth help ___________ medical condition?

The BodiHealth is effective in providing pain relief from most conditions.

Are there any side effects from using the device?

Occasionally, at the site of the wraps, a small histamine rash can develop due to impurities being released from the skin. It is only temporary and not considered to be serious, and will often clear up in a day or two. However, if symptoms persist, we recommend you consult your physician.

Are there any contraindications? Is it safe for kids to use?

The BodiHealth has been used on toddlers and children under five (5) on the lowest setting, for 1 cycle at a time (23 minutes). When using on children under five (5) the treatment cycle should be closely supervised. In children over the age of five (5) the BodiHealth may be used for 1 hour at a time under close supervision.

What are the dimensions of the BodiHealth device?

The unit itself is 22cm W x 28cm D x 11.5cm H (8 ¾” W x 11” D x 4 ½” H) and weighs approx. 3.1 kgs or 7.3 lbs.


What comes with the BodiHealth device when I purchase it?

You will receive in your kit the BodiHealth device, 2 sets of wraps, 2 sets of red electrodes, 2 sets of black electrodes, battery charger, operation manual and warranty card.

What sort of training will I need to operate the machine?

The BodiHealth device is incredibly easy to operate. With the instructions provided in the operation manual that comes with your BodiHealth device and the protocol provided to you by your Physician or one of our Medical Advisors, you will have no problems in treating yourself.

How is the BodiHealth applied?

Water is utilized as a conductive medium in order to conduct the current through the body. This is achieved by applying moist conductive foam wraps to either the feet, ankles, or wrists. A small electrode is then attached to each wrap, and the device can then be programmed to run its treatment protocol.

What do you feel when you are wearing the BodiHealth device?

Because the currents are the same currents at which your body normally functions, you most likely will feel nothing while using the device. However, for some people on the Milli Ampere (“A cycle”) you may experience a slight tingling sensation similar to the feeling of “pins and needles” when your leg falls asleep. However, this sensation will only be felt (if at all) during this first 23 minute cycle.

How long is a treatment? And, how often will I need treatments?

Treatment times generally range between 1 hour to 2.5 hours. Additionally, in the early stages of treatment it is advisable to have treatments more frequently to help sustain the healing momentum. Your practitioner will advise you on what frequency they consider appropriate for your desired outcome.

How is the device powered? Do I need to recharge it often?

The unit is powered by a rechargeable 6 volt battery, modified to medical standards, which can last up to 150 hours. With normal use, the BodiHealth should be charged nightly or weekly using the charger provided with your unit. Recharging can take approximately 10 – 45 minutes.

Does the BodiHealth device require a prescription?

Yes, if sold within the U.S., the BodiHealth device requires a doctor’s prescription for purchase. It is recommended that your doctor is advised of your BodiHealth treatments to monitor any changes in your health condition.

Where are the wraps placed on the body?

The most common wrapping location is the feet, but other treatment protocols may call for locations such as the ankles, wrists, neck or waist.


How often would I need to replace my wraps?

It is recommended that the wraps be replaced approximately every 4 – 8 weeks, depending on the amount of use. Due to impurities being released through the skin, the wraps can become discolored (usually a dark yellow or brown color) and can develop an odor. Washing in a mild antibacterial soap can help eliminate the impurities and unpleasant smell.

What is the warranty policy for the device?

The BodiHealth device carries a 2-year warranty on all parts and workmanship. Wraps and accessories are not included.