What Our Users Say

Sports Injuries & Pain Management

Dr. Bob Donatelli – PhD, Physiotherapist, Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A. – Patient with non-union fracture

Dr. Randa Bascharon – DO, Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports Performance Specialist, Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A. – Patient with bone injury

“I first used the BodiHealth device in 2007 for the Brisbane Lion’s football club with success. My team and I found it to be a valuable adjunct in the management of both traumatic and over-use injuries. I have seen some spectacular results with edema reduction both post surgery and post trauma and some of the players report significant and rapid pain reduction. Both edema reduction and pain removal are critical aspects of managing sporting injuries and are integral to early return to play.”

Victor Popov (B.Phty) Sports Physiotherapist, has worked with AFL Brisbane Lions, Australian Olympic teams, pro cycling teams and many world and Olympic champion athletes – Brisbane, QLD, Australia

“I had been struggling with hip pain which was really affecting my performance and my ability to concentrate properly on my game. After only 4 days of treatment on the BodiHealth, my pain was completely relieved.”

Raluca Olaru. Romanian Pro Tennis Player

“Two months after ankle surgery, my ankle was still severely swollen with joint effusion and I was unable to walk without a significant limp. Within 3 sessions on the BodiHealth device, swelling in my ankle had decreased 3-4 cm and I was able to walk and sleep without pain.”

Nick Fazekas. Former NBA Basketball player and 3 time All WAC Conference Player of the Year

“My son’s foot was very swollen, severely bruised and highly inflamed. After the very first treatment, I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. I was absolutely amazed at the result. No swelling, no inflammation and no bruising whatsoever. He walked out of the BodiHealth Clinic with only a slight limp and without the aide of his crutches.”

Sylvia. Gold Coast, Australia.

“In the 20 years I have been practicing medicine I have never seen anything as effective for treating soft tissue damage as this EPRT technology. One of my patients had been in a wheelchair for 10 years due to neurological problems and pain in her feet, she is now walking. The sooner it is applied to an injury the more rapid the results are. I believe the implications for sports medicine are dramatic and far reaching.”

Dr. Allister Nuttal. Mb.ChB – Perth, WA

“For many years now I have had a bad right leg with lower leg edema. The edema has been so bad at times I was unable to wear normal socks because they cut deeply into the leg. Because of the poor circulation, on many occasions my lower leg has become infected in the tissue below the skin requiring the use of pain killers and antibiotics. Now, after using the BodiHealth for the last 6 weeks, the edema is completely gone. How about that!”

Murray Hallam

“Ten months of severe, chronic sciatic pain ripping through my right leg and buttock day and night… I tried every type of treatment available without success and I was contemplating surgery at the same time I began treatment on the BodiHealth. I feel empowered, relieved and filled with joy now that the pain has dissolved and faded away. My body has been renewed with the flow of energy and zest of life. Loving life again!”


“My hours at work and training are at their highest ever, and yet my back is in its best state in almost a decade. I can hand on heart say that this treatment is the reason for that comfort and for my new burst of energy.”


“For over 3 years we have been using the BodiHealth on ourselves, our families and clients. The results we have seen are fantastic! From chronic illnesses, organ failure and severe back injury, to aches and pains to increased energy and anti-ageing. The profound impacts on one’s health and wellbeing has been very evident over the years we’ve been using and working with the BodiHealth. We enthusiastically recommend the BodiHealth to anyone who is seeking to transform their state of health and wellbeing.”

Josie Goldberg and Zhara Mahlstedt Gold Coast Australia

Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue:

Valerie Lee Gold Coast, Australia

“I suffered from intense pain, fatigue, and insomnia due to fibromyalgia, an inflammation of the tendons and soft tissue for which conventional medicine has no cure. After several weeks of using the EPRT technology, I can now wear normal shoes, and walk without pain for the first time in years. I feel less pain, sleep better and enjoy increased energy. I am now planning a trip around the world!”

Monica. Brisbane – Australia


Brenda & Mai Song. Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.

World Champion Professional Surfer Joel “Parko” Parkinson

Dr. Bob Donatelli – PhD, Physiotherapist, Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A. – BodiHealth Case Study – 2nd & 3rd Degree Burn

“I am a 70 year old female who managed to drop a broken lead crystal vase on my foot. I was operated on July 24th 2012 to repair 3 severed tendons and a nerve. I was discharged from the outpatient surgery a few hours after the operation. I was given crutches and told not to put any weight on the operated foot.
I was so grateful to own a BodiHealth as I did not have to take any pain medication which I knew from previous experience from drugs in my battle to recover from chronic neck and back pain that it was only masking the pain and did not help to heal me. The BodiHealth had saved me from a lifetime of that problem.
At age 70, with a leg in a heavy boot cast, hopping around on crutches was not an easy task. Using the BodiHealth daily I was able to be up and around much sooner than the Doctor had expected. He was quite impressed how quickly I was healing.
It is over 3 months now and I am back to work and fully functioning. You may not be impressed by this but I was told it would be 8 months to a year before I would have full functioning.”

SB, Registered Nurse, New York U.S.A.